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Introduction - Joe Carignan (owner):

With over 44 years of diverse nuclear experience, I am pleased to offer my services in a number of key areas where I have successfully managed or supported companies in their quest to improve the nuclear industry.  My management and practical (field) experience brings a unique perspective from plant operations and training to decommissioning, readiness assessments, and business development.  

​I personally have over 30 years of decommissioning experience from Operations Manager on the first large scale reactor decommissioning (Shippingport Station Decommissioning Project) to supporting numerous large and small scale decommissioning projects; both domestically and internationally.  This includes supporting projects such as Big Rock Point, Saxton, Humboldt Bay, RMI, San Onofre, and the Hanford and Savannah River sites.  Areas of expertise include training, planning, cost estimating, readiness assessments as well as risk and project management. 


For the last twenty plus years, I have been providing decommissioning training support for Argonne National Laboratories decommissioning training program in areas of project management, cost estimating, risk management, Safety, and transition planning.  I have supported the international community as IAEA expert, for missions in China, Slovakia, Romania, Lithuania and most recently in Germany and Korea.

About CCA:

Carignan & Associates LLC  (CAA) is a small business established in January of 2015 providing quality decommissioning support for both commercial and government facilities.  In a short period of time we have developed a reputation for providing quality support services for the nuclear industry. Each project is tailored to meet the clients needs working with experienced, well known decommissioning and nuclear professionals to ensure the we provide the highest quality service. 

Located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, CAA provides decommissioning support including decommissioning cost studies/estimates, due diligence, training and assessment/oversight support both domestically and internationally.  CAA teams with experienced Nuclear Professionals with extensive management and cost estimating experience to develop quality products for our clients..  Associates include highly experienced decommissioning professionals with experience in training, decommissioning cost estimating, risk analysis and due diligence reviews.  Each Associate used on a project are pre approved by our clients.


CAA also teams with numerous highly respected companies and subject matter experts (with actual field experience) to provide support to the nuclear industry.  Companies such as LaGuardia and Associates LLC, MegaTech Services LLC, Ameriphysics, ReNuke Services Inc., Talisman International, LLC and Empyrean Services.

What we do:


  • Prepare quality detailed and defendable Decommissioning Cost Studies/Estimates (DCE) using the Unit Cost Factor approach providing the client with a transparent, defendable estimate 

  • Review/Assess DCE and supporting documents prepared prepared by others

  • Develop decommissioning planning and supporting documentation

  • Provide on site and remote decommissioning training and oversight.

  • Provide on-site staffing for long and short term assignments including oversight and project management support

  • Prepare reports and studies for clients relating to nuclear decommissioning

  • Conduct or support readiness reviews for decommissioning related activities

.Recent Projects:

  • Speaker - Support numerous conferences as well as teach courses supporting decommissioning 

  • Decommissioning Study - "Study Of Decommissioning Project Management Systems And Approaches For United States Nuclear Power Plants" (100 page report for client)

  • Remediation Estimate - Provided Cost Estimate Analysis in support of a legal action for site cleanup   

  • Large Research Reactor (confidential) - Developed Decommissioning Cost Estimate and Risk Analysis for future Laboratory site decommissioning

  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory – Prepared decommissioning cost estimates for numerous buildings as part of the sites redevelopment efforts

  • Confidential Client - Evaluation of the Utility DCE to assess the cost realism and potential risk concerns for the potential purchase.. 

  • San Diego Gas & Electric – Provided decommissioning training and assessment support for the decommissioning cost estimate for the San Onfre Nuclear Plant decommissioning

  • Nuclear Ship Savannah Conducted an assessment of the ships decommissioning cost estimate and plans

  • San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station Provided Risk Analysis support and consulting services

  • International Atomic Energy Agency – Provided over 7 decommissioning consulting support on expert missions in the areas of training, cost estimating, planning and risk management.  Countries include Japan, China, Romania, Slovakia, Republic of Korea and Canada

  • Canadian Nuclear Laboratories - (Previously AECL) – Developed the training and conducted training and Cost Estimating Workshops for over 100 CNL employees

  • Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) Have provided training for over 2800 personnel in over 30 countries in the areas of project planning and management, decommissioning cost estimating, transition planning, health and safety, and introduction to risk management

  • Confidential clients – Due diligence and decommissioning expert consulting for companies entering or evaluating the decommissioning market as a contractor or potentially purchasing a facility.

For more information or questions on how we can support you, please call, text or Email me.

 Veteran Owned Small Business
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